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You've made it this far, you're a member. That's no small feat, you've taken the plunge and have now joined a wonderful community of like minded individuals.

This page will have all of the things to know as you make go make your way through your fitness journey and have a successful time.

Flagler Village App

All things you need to know.

  • Download the Flagler Village App, in both the App Store and Google Play. Use it to RSVP and URSVP for your classes, log your results, and see the social feed updates.
  • RSVP's open 5 days in advance so plan your week out ahead of time!
  • Late Cancels and no shows are $5 & $10 respectively. Late Cancels are an hour prior to class start, and a no show is leaving your name RSVP'd and not attending.
  • 5:45am's Late Cancel and Class Cancelation window starts at 9:30pm the night prior.
  • If no one is signed in to class an hour prior to start time, or at 9:30pm prior to 5:45am, class will be canceled.
  • Dogs Pls speak with a coach prior to bringing your dog, we will help you "buy" the dog membership, and show you where they go once at the gym. If your dog is aggressive or distracting, we will ask you not to bring them.

Parking + Walking

Valet lot- we have 7 spaces available for our use in the lot that we share with the Sistrunk Marketplace. Our Gym spaces are the ones to the south side of the lot, facing the gym. When you arrive just let the valet know you're heading the to gym.

Around the Block - If you don't want to park in the valet lot, you can head north on NW 2nd street (our street), make a right at NW 7th Street, then make your next right at NW 1st Ave. You will see street parking along that street and you will have the option to park there or in the grass on the backside of the gym.

Green Credits - If you walk or bike to the gym you earn $$ off your membership! At the end of the month, keep a tally and post on the app's social feed how many times you've come.

Class Etiquette

- Pls RSVP for your class early! We love to plan around who is coming to class, there's nothing more unsettling (actually im sure there is but...) than thinking and mentally preparing for a certain size class and having another.

- Please Arrive on time. We totally get that lateness happens, try not to disturb class when you get there. If you're super late chat with your coach before just hopping in.

- When the coach is explaining the workout, please don't talk over them or make noise. We have a large space, already talk over the fans, and adding in bars clinking and plates dropping makes it so much harder.

- During lifts try not to stand directly in front of someone who's doing a lift. It can break concentration of the lifter, plus awkward eye contact.

- Try to maintain a positive attitude, things can get frustrating but remember you're here to get fit and make your life better! it's not that serious if you can't get a double under .

- Please wait to start cleaning up your stuff until after the last person has finished their workout. We start together and finish together.

Coaching Quality

So, How often should I come?

It really just depends on your goals.

We have part time members who come once a week or so and we have members who come anywhere from 3 to 6 days a week.

If you have a lose weight, get fit and feel good goal then starting out with 3 days a week and working up to 5 over time is definitely doable. Our coaches will be able to help you adjust things accordingly to your needs.

The more often you come, the easier the skill movements will become, the stronger you will be and the faster you will see results.

Equipment Care

We are the cleanest CrossFit Gym and that's because you help us keep it that way.

  • Barbells- Once done using your barbell, please use the metal brush to remove all chalk prior to wiping it with the cleaning rags.
  • Pull up Bars- please do not tape your bars and when you are done, wipe them down.
  • Chalk- Totally get the necessity, but please clean up your hand prints wherever they may be. (floor, wall, fan, rig, plates, bike, rower, ghd, etc etc)
  • Do Not Drop- Most things. Especially empty Barbells, 5lb, 10lb or 15lb plates, dumbbells of any weight, kettlebells.. etc
  • Important Random info- Always use barbell collars, this protects both you, your neighbor, and the plates themselves. Use matching plates, they are slightly different sizes and can get damaged when they don't match.

*If something breaks, no biggie! Pls let the coach know.


Cancelations and "Holds"

  • All memberships are non-refundable and require 30 days advance notice to cancel. Please reach out to Casey if you need to terminate your membership. Your final month will be charged upon receipt of this request, no problem we totally get it.
  • We do not do membership holds, this can get confusing for both members and admins and ultimately ends up not being a possible option.

*Email Casey at Casey@flaglervillagecrossfit.com to process your request!

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