TONE focuses on high-intensity, functional movements that build muscle definition and strength without bulkiness.


All-in-one functional fitness including technical gymnastics, olympic weightlifting and high-intensity cardio workouts.


If health and fitness are your top priority, work one-to-one with FVCF owner and head coach Casey Anderson.

Redefining What a Gym Should Be

Have you ever felt like you walk in somewhere and you just belong? How about that even though you haven’t known someone for very long, they have your back? That’s us, we (all of us) have your back and we are here because we care about you. We didn’t move here one day and open our doors with idea of something we thought this area could use. We were raised here, we started CrossFit here, and in this community our roots run deep. We know what Fort Lauderdale is and know what it needed so we made it, and we made it for you, native or not. FVCF is more than the place to just go sweat, it’s your local spot. You have home, you have work, and now you have us.


There is such a positive, encouraging environment; you can’t help but have fun even during the toughest workouts. The coaches are very knowledgable and watch for proper form, which makes me feel secure in my movements while gaining strength. Plus you can bring dogs! Whether you’re traveling, switching gyms, or trying CrossFit for the first time, Flagler Village CrossFit is a great place to call home.


I highly recommend Flagler Village CrossFit! Brings a great mix to the area! Great coaches and welcoming community! I was always intimidated to try it but after a few classes I felt much more confident in myself.


Excellent coaching staff. They always have great events scheduled (like yoga, swimming, beach volleyball, etc.). Join Flagler Village CrossFit if you want to get in shape fast and have a community around you to keep you committed to staying in shape. I’ve seen everyone from high school kids and their parents, to people just out of college and thirty somethings that are out of shape and trying to keep up (me), to parents of one of the coaches.