Where’s the best place to go when we want to get into better shape? The gym.


Where’s the last place we want to go when we need to get into better shape? The gym.


TONE changes that. TONE is for people of all fitness levels. It’s effective and it’s fun.


Our TONE program is designed to activate and tone your muscles, incinerate stored fat, and increase your cardio capacity. Your body will change noticeably and you’ll feel even better than you look.


You will get rapid results, better sleep at night, and our highly-skilled coaches will be there to guide through the whole thing you step-by-step.


TONE focuses on high-intensity, light weight, functional movements that build muscle definition and strength without adding bulkiness. You will burn approximately 400-600 calories per class and you will leave feeling energized and ready to attack your day.


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5 a.m. / 6 a.m. / 7:15 a.m. / 9 a.m. /
12:15 p.m. / 4:15 p.m. / 5:15 p.m. / 6:30 p.m. / 7:30 p.m.

9:30 a.m. / Open gym from 8 a.m. to 9:30 a.m.

9:30 a.m.


$195 Per Month, Unlimited Classes

$180 for 10 Class Package

$165 Per Month, First Responders, Military, Full-time Teachers and Students


What’s the main difference between TONE and CrossFit?
TONE encompasses body weight exercises, cardio and fitness movements. These include things like jumping rope, squats, push-ups, rowing, sit-ups, step-ups and more. CrossFit includes more advanced gymnastic skills and heavy weights.


Is TONE for Beginners?
It’s for everyone. It’s the perfect way to start and get comfortable in the gym environment. Just because TONE is less technical, this doesn’t mean these workouts are a cake walk. We have recently had a few people transition over to solely doing TONE from CrossFit and they have seen amazing results.


Do TONE people workout with CrossFit people?
Yes. Our coaches run TONE and CrossFit at the same time. The workouts are very similar. This allows us to maintain the class community feel. When you sweat with your friends, you grow closer and push yourself harder… trust us it’s a thing! Sometimes we even have classes split right down the middle 1/2 doing TONE and 1/2 doing CrossFit.

Is this a group class?
Yes. All of our classes are group classes. We do personal coaching in a group setting. While it might seem stressful, you’ll love the support and high-fives you’ll get from your classmates. When’s the last time people were cheering you on? That happens here on a daily basis.


What is the best day to start the TONE program?
Today. Second choice is to book your free class for tomorrow.


What can I expect during my free class?
We will spend a little time getting to know each other and then we’ll do a workout. One thing we won’t do is try and sell you a membership.


I have a handful of boxes closer to my house, but I will always drive past those to get to Flagler Village CrossFit. Between the coaches and other members there is such a positive, encouraging environment; you can’t help but have fun even during the toughest workouts. The coaches are very knowledgable and watch for proper form, which makes me feel secure in my movements while gaining strength. Plus you can bring dogs! Whether you’re traveling, switching gyms, or trying CrossFit for the first time, Flagler Village CrossFit is a great place to call home.


I highly recommend Flagler Village CrossFit! Brings a great mix to the area! Great coaches and welcoming community! I was always intimidated to try it but after a few classes I felt much more confident in myself.


Excellent coaching staff. They always have great events scheduled (like yoga, swimming, beach volleyball, etc.). Join Flagler Village CrossFit if you want to get in shape fast and have a community around you to keep you committed to staying in shape. I’ve seen everyone from high school kids and their parents, to people just out of college and thirty somethings that are out of shape and trying to keep up (me), to parents of one of the coaches. Classes are not too crowded and they are also dog friendly.