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One-to-one Personal Training

Sometimes group classes aren’t for everyone, even when they are small like ours and we totally get it. One-to-one sessions are geared for those people who are brand new to the gym and want to accelerate their learning curve. These athletes want the benefit of having someone there, specifically for them, to show them all of the movements. Our ultimate goal is to get you into class, because that’s the best part of CrossFit. We will rotate our coaches through your sessions so you will get to know each of us and easily integrate into group classes down the road when you feel ready.


Who is one-to-one coaching at Flagler Village CrossFit and Fitness for?

  • The beginner athlete that has never done CrossFit and has no idea what some of the movements or these funny words we use are.
  • The person that is a little afraid to jump head first into a group class because of their current fitness or body composition.
  • The athlete who wants some specific technical help on how to get better at a certain advanced movement.
  • You are beginning a journey to a healthier life, new to fitness and new to CrossFit. You could use some help setting goals and getting a new habit started.


You’re new, this is what you walk away with after your personalized sessions.

  • Strong relationship with our coaching staff.
  • Familiarity of the gym set up, how everything works, and what to expect from your classes.
  • Clear, yet general, understanding of all of the movements associated with CrossFit.
  • Concise goals to achieve through CrossFit.
  • Knowing you can handle it!


You’ve got the fitness, perhaps even CrossFit experience, and this is what you walk away with.

  • Strong relationship with our Coaching staff.
  • Familiarity of the gym set up, how everything works, and what to expect from your classes.
  • Clear coaching on execution of technical olympic lifting, gymnastics, and how to approach each day’s workout through specific drills, live feedback, progress videos and precise goal setting.


You can use your purchased personal training sessions at your own pace. If you’re just starting out we recommend 2-3 times per week until you feel comfortable enough to get into class, which usually is about 10-12 sessions. It all is largely dependent on the person, as everyone’s fitness levels are different. Some people might skip this all together and jump into class and that’s fine, too. We have options for everyone. One thing for sure is that you will learn and advance at a more accelerated pace through personal sessions, so if you’re reading this, keep that in mind.


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10 Sessions – $550

5 Sessions – $325

1 Session – $75



10 Sessions – $650

5 Sessions – $375

1 Session – $85