Green Credits Program


Earn Green Credits and Save

We can all agree, or at least 80% of Broward County residents can, that traffic in this area is awful. In thinking of the bigger picture, and us doing our part to get our community towards the goal of having Fort Lauderdale as a walkable city, we want to get you out of your car.


If you put in the work to help lower your emissions, decrease traffic, and commute in a greener way we think you’re awesome. In return for your community good deed we are rewarding you with $10 off your membership for each time you accrue 10 green credits.


All you have to do to earn a credit is walk, bike, scoot or run to the gym. The benefit is actually trifold, not only do you earn cash and lessen traffic but you also burn more calories and get some extra steps in per day. When was the last time you took a walk just because?