Casey is a whole hearted genuine entrepreneur who loves CrossFit, surfing, Animals and veggies. She prides herself on connecting with the members of the gym and through that connection she is able to help them achieve their goals. The name of the game for Casey is strong community and she keeps her classes fun, upbeat, and challenging. Casey is not the coach yelling at you in front of everyone but she is the coach getting you to do things by empowering you to know that you can. Casey is a CrossFit Level 1 and 2 Certified Trainer with a background in Marketing, general overall fitness and competitive horseback riding. She is a plant-based athlete herself and believes that the key to a happy life is salt water, sunshine, and physical exercise.



Hannah is our resident Mermaid. She hosts classes in a way that is very assuring, welcoming and challenging. She gets you to push harder than you thought you could without even realizing that you are. Hannah was a competitive swimmer through high school and college, is an active Fort Lauderdale Beach Life Guard and heads our SwimFit program on Sunday’s. Hannah’s favorite part about coaching is meeting new people and helping them achieve things that they didn’t think they were capable of. She’s taught a bunch of people who didn’t know how to swim effectively to being able to hold their own in the pool workouts! Hannah is also a great technical Olympic Lifting Coach and she’s working towards being a competitive CrossFit athlete.  This girl is killin’ it!



Caleb leads a class like no other. He creates an environment that’s focused, fun, and challenging. He leads you through and pushes you to find the confidence in yourself to succeed. Caleb really takes the time to go over the daily workouts in a way that is very thorough and doesn’t let anyone fall behind. He has a strong background in collegiate sports and has worked his way through injuries so knows proper scaling options as well. Watch out for Caleb on the CrossFit Competition circuit as well, he’s got some big goals and is working hard to get there.



Willie has been on the CrossFit scene for about 5 years now and recently leveled up to Coach. You can find him at the gym on a part time basis throughout the week. He’s an avid family guy and hardcore FSU fan. Willie’s classes will be your favorite part of the day. His upbeat personality, and infectious positivity makes it feel like you’re just having fun and not even really working out. You may even find Willie dancing throughout class between sets if the music is on point!



Chloe joined us just as she moved to South Florida from Connecticut. Chloe has been involved with CrossFit for almost 10 years and has been coaching for over 5 years. She is a great person to hold you accountable to movement standards while showing you how to learn new skills. Chloe is also our go to for all things nutrition. As a registered dietitian she can help with 1:1 nutrition counseling as well as keeping you on track for your diet/lifestyle goals.



Danielle is a licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy (D.P.T.) who has been practicing in outpatient physical therapy and sports medicine for nearly 10 years.  She earned her DPT from Saint Francis University in 2010 and has continued to be involved in continuing education in order to help her better treat athletes, and active members of the community.  Danielle has continued to study the McKenzie Method (a biopsychosocial system of treatment), advanced manual techniques, running mechanics, and exercise prescription as a post graduate.  She is a sports enthusiast and is able to easily relate to her clients by living an active life style. She loves CrossFit, Running, and has recently started dabbling in Triathlons.


Co-founder of Flagler Village CrossFit, deck builder, and token Vermonter, John holds this crew together. You might not ever get to take a class led by John, but he will be sure to coach you up while he’s doing a workout out with you. He’s got tons of knowledge about sports, athletics, and athlete development that he’d love to share with you. You will always find him with a smile on, probably stretching in the back corner before class starts.



Sal is our resident aviation engineer turned rowing coach. As a coxswain throughout college Sal knows TONS about rowing. He hosts quarterly rowing seminars as well as rowing private lessons. You can find him at the gym throughout the week, and he’s never hesitant to help you out.