Imagine walking in to the gym and being greeted by name, someone high fiving you after a new PR. Someone who gives you that extra push through your last rep and celebrates your victories. Surround yourself with people who get it. At Flagler Village CrossFit we get it and we would love for you to join our #FVCFfam!

Flagler Village CrossFit is more than a gym, it’s a community where you meet new friends, hang out with your tribe and get stronger in the meantime.

Whether you’re experienced with a barbell, or just looking to get started in a gym, we’re here to make sure you get things done the right way. We are open for everyone, beginners to athletes, and our coaches make sure to help you reach your goals, big or small.

With 1:5 coach to student ratio and 30+ classes each week we make sure that you get the guidance you need, in your own time. A smaller coach to student ratio increases learning ability, safety, and friendships.

We’ve got focused programming, diverse and qualified coaches, and a supportive community.



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We can all agree, or at least 80% of Broward County residents can, that traffic in this area is awful. In thinking of the bigger picture, and us doing our part to get our community towards the goal of having Fort Lauderdale as a walkable city, we want to get you out of your car.

If you put in the work to help lower your emissions, decrease traffic, and commute in a greener way we think you’re awesome. In return for your community good deed we are rewarding you with $10 off your membership for each time you accrue 10 green credits.

All you have to do to earn a credit is walk, bike, scoot or run to the gym. The benefit is actually trifold, not only do you earn cash and lessen traffic but you also burn more calories and get some extra steps in per day. When was the last time you took a walk just because?



Our neighborhood is filled with little gems that we make it a habit of visiting as often as we can. Check ’em out and pay them a visit! 

The Mass District

Our hood, our streets, our little slice of Fort Lauderdale. Home to the monthly Art Walk. MASS district fancies itself a creative space that is friendly for local crafts, entrepreneurs and artists.

FAT Village

This district is dubbed FAT for Flagler Arts and Technology. This is a hub for small businesses, art galleries and restaurants. You can walk over here but we suggest driving because… well… it’s usually over 85 degrees here, but you do you!

Sip Java

Just two blocks south and across Federal highway sits Sip Java. Sip has lots of room for co-working as well as a variety of items on their menu. They just expanded to a second express location located just east on the intercoastal. They are always very welcoming and have an extensive menu of coffee’s and sandwiches. Our Fav.. Avocado Toast.

JB&C Juice Bar

Halfway through our block run you will find a haven of avocado toast, acai bowls, Natural Light and cute macrame plant holders. So many beautiful plants and windows make this a great spot to enjoy the hot summer mid-day lunch or post-workout protein smoothie. Our Favorite: PB Smooth bowl and/or Chickpea Avocado Toast.

Invasive Species Brewery

We might frequent this place a little too often, but that’s ok. We look at it as just supporting the neighbors. Invasive species is directly between Circle House Coffee and Wells Coffee Co. They have delicious easy drinking, strong beer as well as fun community events, food trucks, and the occasional local band. This is where we reward ourselves with a cold bevvy after Flagler Run Club!

Wells Coffee

Just walking distance from the gym, located directly across 3rd Ave is the most amazing coffee roasting facility and coffee shop. They are minimal yet comfortable and Brandon is always down to have a great conversation. Major plus… when they roast the whole neighborhood smells like coffee! Our favorite: Oat Milk Latte or specialty Chemex pour-over.

LaserWolf Bar

This isn’t your average bar. Their tagline is “Yes Beer, No Jerks.” What more could you ask for? Of course we want beer and of course no one wants jerks! They have a vast array of beers on tap as well as a ton of craft cans. They are just across the train tracks in this really cool old building which, rumor has it, was a brothel/hotel in the early 1900’s. #whoknows

Brew Urban Cafe

This is basically the most comfortable coffee shop around. It’s dark, there are a ton of books, and lots of seating. I don’t know if you can actually read the books, I assume so. Their coffee is delicious. They are on the other main drag of the area called FAT Village and they even have an airstream shop inside. Our Fave… Vegan Empandas + Oat Lattes.

Glitch Bar

Adults playing video games. Free gaming with beer and food trucks located just 3 doors or so down from JB&C. They always have something going on over there and playing pacman as an adult is just plain fun.

Circle House Coffee

The newest spot in the area just between Wells and FVCF, will be opening in the fall of 2018. They are defining themselves by helping the community through coffee. Owner Stephen Tulloch is very passionate about giving back.


What’s happening in our neighborhood?
We want to make sure you don’t miss any of the fun happenings in Flagler Village and the MASS district. From our own Run Club, food trucks in the area, and other events in the neighborhood, stay tuned! 
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